Sound Design for American McGee's Crooked House


Date: March 2010
Medium: Audacity, SoundForge, Steinberg Cubase, Midi Keyboard, Condenser Microphone
Game Website: Spicy Pony Games - American McGee's Crooked House

Downloads (.m4a)
Bookcase Theme Loop
Library Theme Loop
Kitchen Theme Loop

      I was the sole sound designer for American McGee's Crooked House, a puzzle game, developed by Spicy Horse Games, in which the player has to lead the mouse out of the curious rooms of the Crooked House. For the sound design of this single-player iPhone/iTouch/iPad game, the theme is that of a dark, creepy fantasy world. Alongside the atmospheric sound effects that I designed, both from sound libraries and my own foley work, I also composed the looping music of the menu theme and separate themes for the three sections of the game.

      In the trailer and gameplay demo videos below, I arranged my own midi clips of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg with different instrumentation in Cubase.

American McGee's Crooked House Trailer

American McGee's Crooked House Gameplay Demo

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