In majoring in the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts program with an emphasis on Music, I strove to learn more about combining the media in computer science and the arts. I find the plane in between the two fields fascinating in that there are so many possibilities in which one can create. I see that there is much potential in this interdisciplinary field for me because, not only does it allow me to create works of art in the traditional sense, but it also allows me to combine modern technology in the production and presentation of the arts.

      The internet has brought a whole new level in which the art community can present and display their art for the whole world to view. In a way, an online portfolio actively portrays how the power of technology can link information to virtually anyone globally.

      Digital media is something that I can create and manipulate as I am well-versed in operating on a PC Windows OS and its programs. In using digital audio editing software such as SoundForge, Audacity, and Digidesign Pro Tools to manipulate music files, such as editing out vocals, mixing and editing out portions in a sample clip, working with different sound effects, as well as composing music from purely digital sound bytes.